nächstes Projekt
nächstes Projekt

Olaf Nicolai @ The Breakfast Pavilion
Kunst, Genuss
10. bis 12. Mai 2017
San Marco 3073, Venice

Olaf Nicolai | Künstler

The Breakfast Pavilion is a curatorial project that aims to merge the worlds of art and design in a special happening, overthrowing the usual boundaries of each discipline. For this unique occasion,during the opening days of the Venice Art Biennale (May 10, 11, 12), a contemporary art space (A plus A) will be transformed into a friendly and informal café which will become a creative environment where art can be discussed, produced, performed and most importantly, eaten.

Particularly in Italy, breakfast is one the most important moments of the day. It is a social time when friends, colleagues and families meet to prepare themselves for their everyday lives.During each of these three days, the three invited artists Anna Sophie Berger, Olaf Nicolai, Nicole Wermers) will prepare and perform a unique breakfast for their hosts,from 9 to 12 am (during which time admission to the gallery will be by invitation only). Furthermore the setting of the gallery will be transformed into a café by a selection of international designers with diverse practices. They will contribute to the event through objects conceived for this occasion that will be used during the performances (and up for sale).

The temporary pavilion is conceived as a gathering space to create a community where individuals can share personal, creative and intellectual ideas in a socially inclusive atmosphere. From 12 am to 7 pm the gallery will be open to public that will have the opportunity to visit the space, drink a coffee or eat a slice of cake or have a meeting. As a witness of the happening, a publication of the event will also be realized.
The Breakfast Pavilion is a project curated by Marco Campardo, Lorenzo Mason (M–L–XL) and Luca Lo Pinto with the special contribution of Maria Jeglinska.


May 12 — 9 am
Breakfast with
Olaf Nicolai

In 2013 Olaf Nicolai presented a work titled Apparition of a two dimensional object as a three dimensional shadow in chocolate in an exhibition devoted to Marcel Duchamp and the contemporary readymade. The piece consisted of seven chocolate objects with the shape of Marcel Duchamp’s rotating silhouette shown in a vitrine.

For the Breakfast Pavilion Olaf Nicolai will present the Duchamp’s chocolate heads in a different condition. They are produced from drinking chocolate, will be melted in milk and served as drink.